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Quad Safari Agia Pelagia near Heraklion Crete


In the northern part of the island of Crete, specifically in the prefecture of Heraklion, is the village of Agia Pelagia. Once a traditional fishing village it is only 24 kms from the centre in Heraklion. It is considered one of the most unique tourist resorts of Crete and is a focal point for visitors!

Quad Safari in Crete

The settlement of Agia Pelagia is coastal and the houses are built amphitheatrical around the coast. To the west it is surrounded by the bay of Lygaria and to the east by the bay of Mononaftis, the area offers exceptional views that will be enjoyed by even the most demanding traveler. Apart from the nice hotels and resorts in the area there are also a few enjoyable activities we recommend to try during your stay. An exhilarating outdoors activity to definitely try is our quad safari tour which will give you access to hidden gems in the island. Rent a quad bike with us and let us introduce you to our world of adventurous traveling. Whether a thrill seeker or nature lover this activity in Crete will provide you all you were looking for and more. Another thing to do in Agia Pelagia is to try water sports and get your adrenaline pumping whilst getting some beneficial exercise and having fun in the water. And last but not least, scuba diving is another venture we propose you to try before leaving Agia Pelagia. There are a number of certified schools in the area who they will take you by the hand and teach you all the theoretical and practical matters before taking you for an unforgettable experience in the stunning Cretan sea.

Ela Quad Safari Crete


Famous for its waters, Agia Pelagia is a pole of attraction for this, as it is protected by the bay, as a result of which it remains clear and calm regardless of how the winds blow.

Apart from the stunning sea, the golden sands play a decisive role in attracting tourists.

In addition to the above, Agia Pelagia is the ideal place for sports lovers, such as jet-ski, sailing, canoeing, water bikes, rental quads with organized guided tours, and for this Ela Quad Safari invested in the equipment and organisation of its excursions to provide its visitors with the ultimate experience.

The area is seeing a lot of development with new hotel units, conference centers, restaurants and nightclubs with unique views, attracting the interest of high-end tourists.

Visitors are invited to enjoy the walk along the beach with the turquoise waters and if they have a mask it is worth diving in and living the magical experience, because this particular sea is quite clear and its bottom will amaze you!

Ela Quad Safari Crete


The name Mononautis given to the beach is rumoured to be related to a shipwreck where only one sailor survived and reached that shore. This particular beach is located approximately 1km north of the central beach of Agia Pelagia, very close to Cape Diakori. It is a fairly organised beach with taverns and cafes, quite popular, clean with thick sand and green-blue waters. The rocky bottom also makes it a very popular destination for those who love diving! That is why it is no coincidence that there is a permanent diving school on this beach.

Ela Quad Safari Crete


Lygaria Bay is located 21km northwest of the center of Heraklion and 1km from the center of Agia Pelagia. It is semi-enclosed and protected from the frequent north winds of the area. In the area there is the monastery of Panagia Lygariani.

The beach of Lygaria is very beautiful with blue-green waters and coarse sand, while the boats make the landscape picturesque. It is an organized beach with umbrellas, sunbeds, taverns and rooms, but what visitors will love is the scenery and its crystal clear waters!


Fodele is a rural village in Heraklion, Crete, home to the well-known El Greco Museum. There you will find copies of the artworks of the Renaissance artist Domenikos Theotokopoulos, in the small house where he is believed to have been born. On the trip you will take with Ela Quad Safari, you will be lucky enough to pass by this house and feel the thrill and excitement in front of the highest art.

In the area there is also the Church of Panagia Fodele from the Byzantine era with frescoes that are worth seeing for visitors, offering a journey through time and the culture of that era.

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