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Our Quad Safari will start from Agia Pelagia – Mononaftis 71500 on the prefecture of Heraklion,  where we gather at 09:30 am…

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Explore the island the Greek way. Discover experiential points inaccessible otherwise and indulge in the magic of nature.


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Morning Safari 09:30 – 12:30
Afternoon Safari 14:30 – 17:30
Sunset Safari 18:30 – 21:00

We promise to make your day memorable by offering you a bespoke and authentic quad biking experience

Ela Quad Safari is a local dynamic team based in Agia Pelagia

ELA Quad Safari Agia Pelagia 71500 Herakleion Rent a Quad in Crete

Quad Safari Agia Pelagia info

Take part in this exciting and unforgettable experience which is guaranteed to highlight your holiday in Crete. Explore your adventurous side by driving an ATV on mountainous terrain, where, overcoming obstacles along the way you will have unique access to Crete’s most beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Our adventure will start from Agia Pelagia – Mononaftis 71500 on the prefecture of Heraklion where we gather at 09:00 am. Shortly you will be allocated a quad bike and you will be given some time to familiarize yourself and store your personal belongings in the trunk. Once you have signed the contract agreement and learnt the basics of operating the quad bike through a theoretical introduction, you will be taken to our private off-road tracks. This is where you will have time to practice riding the quad, until you feel confident. Our guides will assist you with riding techniques, so you do not have to worry even if you have never ridden a quad bike before. After the practical session, we begin the quad safari by riding on a peninsula in the Mononaftis area and head to our first destination:

The deserted village of Achlada – Ghost town

Almost the entire western part of the village and its central core consists of now closed houses. It is full of visible signs of time and abandonment, while many old mansions have now been turned into piles of ruins. This village was once full of life. Achlada now stands almost deserted situated in a beautiful landscape which offers great views from above. Enjoy a quiet stroll in the picturesque alleys of Achlada and appreciate the architecture whilst learning a few things about its history. Of course you can also take some unique photos! After the ghost village of Achlada, we mount the quad bikes and we are heading off -road through the Cretan mountains. You will have exclusive access to some of Crete’s most beautiful landscapes and of course loads of off- road fun on unique routes. Expect to be fully immersed into nature where bush oregano grows and goats are roaming around! Filled with fresh oxygen in our lungs, we cut through green mountains descending towards our last stop, the beautiful village of Fodele.  This traditional village is home to the famous Renaissance painter Dominikos Theotokopoulos also known as El Greco. We are taking a 20-minute break in Fodele for a rest and a drink next to a river in an iconic cafe. The village is built on orange groves and offers delicious freshly squeezed orange juice which will be the best you ever had!  Whilst in Fodele you will have the time to walk through the streets of the village. Visit El Greco’s parental home which has been turned into a museum, explore the surrounding area and see a byzantine church which dates to 11th century.

Return to Mononaftis

From Fodele village we take the road back to our starting point where we are enjoying beautiful sceneries on and off-road. Our fun does not end up until the last minute of the Quad Safari. We return to Mononaftis, having lived an unforgettable experience through unique routes specially designed by ‘ELA Quad Safari’. Discover natural and cultural elements with wonderful memories and collect rich photographic material of wildlife in Crete!

Anyone who does not drive or wishes to come as a passenger we have 2 seats available at every tour.

PRICE: 80 € per Quad Bike (for 2 people)

Note that ” ELA QUAD SAFARI ” uses the most appropriate new technology quad bikes which are the best fit for the ultimate quad biking experience.

Mononautis -Ela Quad Safari


Achlada - Ela Quad Safari


Fodele - Ela Quad Safari


Byzantine Church - Ela Quad Safari

Byzantine Church

El Greco paternal house - Ela Quad Safari

El Greco paternal house

Heraklion - Ela Quad Safari


Free pick up included: Agia Pelagia - Ligaria- Amoudara - Fodele

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