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Morning Safari: 09:30 - 12:30

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Book a morning quad safari tour

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Afternoon Safari: 15:00 - 17:30

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Sunset Safari: 18:00 - 21:00

We promise to make your day memorable
by offering you a bespoke and authentic quad biking experience

ELA Quad Safari Agia Pelagia 71500 Herakleion Rent a Quad in Crete

Quad Safari Agia Pelagia info

Take part in this exciting and unforgettable experience which is guaranteed to highlight your holiday in Crete. Elevate your adventurous side to a whole new level with this quad safari.

Ride an ATV through Crete's rugged mountainous terrains and lush green valleys. Have a thrilling and adrenaline pumping experience by overcoming obstacles along the way through well-hidden routes of the island.

Be surrounded by stunning landscapes and scenic viewpoints not accessible with other means of transportation. Our experienced guides will take you to unique vantage points that provide the most chances of encountering wildlife coupled with the awe-inspiring vistas of two traditional villages in Crete.

The combination of this exhilarating quad biking safari and access to unreachable viewpoints will give you a unique perspective of the island assured to create lasting memories.

Visit of the `Ghost town`

Off-the-beaten-path exploration: Explore a deserted village which was once thriving and learn about its rich history from our knowledgeable guides.

Step back in time and learn about the culture and lifestyle of people who used to inhabit there. Have a chance to exchange pleasantries with the few residents that still live there and ask them any questions about this fascinating village.

Wander around the picturesque alleys and observe the architectural remnants of the past whilst capturing unique photographs of the history frozen in time. Connect with a different side of the island's history and culture that it is not commonly visited and known.

Our quad safari will introduce you to one of Crete's mysterious 'ghost towns' in a funny and safe way to create life lasting memories.

Visit of Fodele - EL GRECO

Visit and explore a traditional charming Cretan village known for its picturesque surroundings, characterised by green valleys and hills covered in olive and orange groves.

The village is nestled in a fertile valley, providing a tranquil and idyllic atmosphere to visitors. It is renowned as the birthplace of EL GRECO, the famous Renaissance painter. Our quad safari will take you right outside the house of EL GRECO where you will have the chance to see his family home and learn about his life.

Another point of interest in the beautiful village of Fodele is the 11th century church of Panagia which features traditional Byzantine architectural elements and gives a glimpse into the rich cultural and religious heritage of the Byzantine Empire.

During the visit you will have the opportunity to see this church as well as to explore the central village and have a short break for refreshments in an iconic café next to a river.


Having explored different aspects of the island through this diverse and enriching quad biking tour we take the return route back to the starting point. Descending from the mountain offers breath-taking views of the seacoast from above that are truly mesmerizing.

Under the guidance of our experienced guides you can enjoy the adrenaline rush while appreciating the grandeur of the coastal landscape and the endless horizon of the sea. Our fun does not end up until the last minute of the Quad Safari and we promise to make your day memorable by offering you a bespoke and authentic quad biking experience in Crete.

Our guides collect photos and videos throughout the safari, and they distribute them at the end free of charge

Anyone who does not drive or wishes to come as a passenger we have 2 seats available at every tour.

PRICE: 85 € per Quad Bike (for 2 people)

Note that ELA QUAD SAFARI uses new quad bikes for a safe and enjoyable quad biking experience.

Achlada - Ela Quad Safari

Discover the Ghost Town

Fodele - Ela Quad Safari

Explore Fodele and taste local products

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Best of the Best 2022 Award from Trip Advisor

Quad bike practice before the safari tour

Quad bike practice before you go on the safari